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Gifts for Everyone on your List

Stop and take a look at our wide selection of gift items for the home and garden.  Local, easy and awesome!

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Our staff can assist you in creating a great gift for that special person on your list.


Easy Garden Tips Dec-Jan

  • Pansies, ornamental kale and cabbages, dusty miller, and some evergreen perennials and grasses can all help to brighten up containers on the porch or entryway.  With our infrequent freezing temperatures, there is no reason you shouldn't be able to enjoy a little color in winter. Pansies usually can take a pretty hard freeze, and come back in a few week.
  • For every weed you pull now there will be many less to pull in the Spring.  If you see a weed, pull it.
  • Remember, it is the dry cold that kills plants, so as the soil dries out and we find ourselves facing several days of cold temperatures, it is a good idea to water everything well.
  • Time to be sure your bird feeders and birdbaths are clean and kept filled. If you have a suet feeder, now is the perfect time to put it out. Have bubble wrap, burlap, plastic, frost blankets, etc. on hand to put around containers for protection in below-freezing temperatures.
  • Additionally, if containers can be huddled together, especially up against a fence or building, they will receive even more protection.


Happy Holidays!

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Warm wishes from the McDonnell Team to you and your family for a warm and safe holiday!

Christmas Trees

Christmas trees will arrive Nov 26th.  These top quality trees add an extra elegance to your home at Christmas

Our Trees

  • Christmas Hills Tree Farm is a second-generation tree farm. John Burton's dad, Charley Burton, owner of Bear Canyon Farm, planted the first Noble fir in 1949: the first Noble fir specifically for Christmas trees in the industry.
  • Through the years, Christmas Hills Tree Farm developed some techniques that make their trees stand out from the competition. By using seed from their own seed orchard, comprised of trees grafted for exceptional blue color and overall quality, their trees have amazing color.
  • In the final year before harvest, Christmas Hills Tree Farm uses a technique called "picking." Each tree is shaped by picking off the new growth early in the summer, rather than shaping with a knife or hand pruners. The effect is a full, tapered tree with natural ends and no cut needles.
  • In addition, the trees are dormant when cut. This results in fresher, more vivid coloring, superb keep ability and quality.

Molly Green

The Molly Green collection by Evergreen Enterprizes is a delightful collection of gardening items including watering cans, aprons, garden baskets and more. Here are some great ideas for Holiday gifts for the gardener in your life.

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mollie green apron
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