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Planning for a Water Efficient Garden

Some tips to do now to get ready for the gardening season.

  • Check all your faucets, inside and out and fix any leaks.  Even small leaks can waste a lot of water.
  • Analyze your irrigation system.  Is water going to the needed areas?  Are there some areas that could do with only occasional watering with a hose instead of everyday with a system?
  • Get rid of as many weeds as you can.  Weeds use water that your plants need.
  • Be sure to areate  and detatch your lawn.  Then water can get to the roots where it’s needed.
  • Don’t over fertilize this spring.  Excessive growth needs more water.

How to check your house for leaks.

  1. Locate your water meter and remove top.  (Careful, sometimes bees get in there)
  2. Turn off all water in your house.  Make sure all irrigation systems are off.
  3. Write down the number you see on your meter.
  4. Check back in 1/2 hour (Don’t use any water in the meantime.)Is the meter still recording water use even when you have everything off?
  5. Has the number increased? Is the dial moving?  If so you might have a leak.

Even small leaks can waste 1,000’s of gallons a day.  Be sure to fix all the leaks!  It’s better to use the water for your plants rather than waste it.

Drought Tree Care

California is in the midst of one of the worst droughts in recorded state history, and it’s creating disastrous results for trees across the state.

It’s hard to say for sure just how many trees we might lose before the drought breaks. It may be Spring 2015 before we know whether some of our dormant trees will make a comeback.


Until then, the most important thing you can do is ... water, water, water!
The time has passed for early warning signs. If you have a tree in your yard, it’s likely stressed from the drought and needs water. It’s a small price to pay — literally just pennies per gallon — for all the benefits trees provide.

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Spring 2014

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Water: Use it- Don’t Lose it


Even though we’ve had some rain California is still experiencing a severe drought.  We are fortunate in the EBMUD area that we will have to conserve 10% of our use.  Many other areas have much higher cutbacks.  However we still have to garden for water efficiency.  See the article below “Drought Tree Care” for watering your trees tips.



Millions of gallons of fresh, clean water are lost every day.  It flows down the drain when we’re taking long showers, brushing our teeth or doing dishes.  Over-watering our lawns results in runoff that doesn’t benefit the lawn.  Leaking irrigation systems and faucet valves waste water.  Start paying attention to where your water is going and you can enjoy a beautiful garden this year and still conserve the water we need.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Sarah McDonnell

Water Efficient Tools

Plant Moisture Meter

A Plant Moisture Meter measures the  percentage of water content of the soil of your container plants and  shrubs. Moisture meters can determine if the soil is too wet or dry and  requires adjustments to maintain a healthy environment for your plants.  Moisture testers helps prevent overwatering or underwatering of plants.

moisture meter

Use the Plant Moisture Meter to spot-check your plants. Do not leave the meter in the planter very for long. Check some different areas and make sure to measure the soil moisture at the roots of your plants to  prevent root rot. Monitor frequently. Wipe off the probe and keep the  moisture meter dry and clean after every use.

Deep Root Irrigator

To give your trees the water they need during the drought it is nice to have a tool to help.  This root irrigator is just such a tool It delivers water from your  hose deep down into the dirt so it can’t just evaporate off. This  method also encourages trees and bushes to develop stronger and deeper  roots, so they’re tougher and more able to withstand dry spells.

yard butler
deep root

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