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Air Plants plants are exotic, unique and easy to care for. They don’t require dirt so the display options are almost endless. Air plants enjoy indirect sunlight, need only occasional watering, get much of their nutrients from the air and will help clean the air in your home.

We have received a great shipment of these plants.  Visit us soon for the greatest selection!


We also carry many different containers and rocks for your display.


Drought Garden Care

Mulch around your plants.  It takes about three inches of mulch to maximize water efficiency.  What is mulch?

Group plants with similar light and water needs.  It’s easier to irrigate efficiently.

Keep those weeds pulled.  They use water that your plant needs.

Cut back and deadhead plants.  Then the plant won’t have to support those parts with water.


Summer is Here!

2014 Summer Challenge!
Water: Use it- Don’t Lose it

It’s even more important to save water.  EBMUD raised their water rates 9.5% July 1st

Maintaining a Water Efficient Garden

Some tips to do now:

  • Continue to check all your faucets, and irrigation systems.  Even small leaks can waste a lot of water. See runoff?  Fix the problem to get the water to stay where it’s needed
  • Add water efficient plants if you need more color.
  • Add more color with bright pots, fountains and decorations.
  • Make sure that your lawn isn’t getting more water than it needs.
  • Deep water large trees and shrubs instead of giving them a little each day. (See Water Efficiency Tools)

Water Efficient Color for your Garden





Water Efficiency Tools

Plant Moisture Meter

A Plant Moisture Meter measures the  percentage of water content of the soil of your container plants and  shrubs. Moisture meters can determine if the soil is too wet or dry and  requires adjustments to maintain a healthy environment for your plants.  Moisture testers helps prevent overwatering or underwatering of plants.


Use the Plant Moisture Meter to spot-check your plants. Do not leave the meter in the planter very for long. Check some different areas and make sure to measure the soil moisture at the roots of your plants to  prevent root rot. Monitor frequently. Wipe off the probe and keep the  moisture meter dry and clean after every use.

Deep Root Irrigator

To give your trees the water they need during the drought it is nice to have a tool to help.  This root irrigator is just such a tool It delivers water from your  hose deep down into the dirt so it can’t just evaporate off. This  method also encourages trees and bushes to develop stronger and deeper  roots, so they’re tougher and more able to withstand dry spells.


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