Ask About Our Free Delivery & Potting Services

Ask About Our Free Delivery & Potting Services

Home Composting for Busy People Workshop


Learn how to compost at home and go a step beyond recycling to reduce your garbage significantly in less than 15 minutes per week. 

How your garden will benefit from composting: 

Compost returns nutrients to the soil, such as phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen, and many trace minerals, which are slowly released and contribute to healthy plant growth. Compost is a natural fertilizer. 

Compost suppresses weed growth and the improved soil condition makes it more difficult for weeds to anchor roots. Compost helps control erosion and protects plant roots from sun and wind damage. 

Compost increases water retention. Compost helps reduce soil diseases. Composting helps you recycle your yard waste and kitchen food scraps. Doing so, also helps your city reach state-mandated waste reduction goals. 

Join us at the nursery at 10:30 on Saturday, October 12th for this great workshop. Reservations are REQUIRED, please call (925)906-1801 or visit to register.

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