Ask About Our Free Delivery & Potting Services

Ask About Our Free Delivery & Potting Services

New Services

We are proud and excited to offer our customers new services that will enhance their gardening experience!

Garden Consultation

With over a combined 150 years of gardening and horticulture experience, we are excited to offer in-home garden consultations. We offer the best service we can when you are at the nursery. Sometimes, you would like us to see your yard and communicate your needs and concerns in person.

Whether you are a beginning gardener or are already an enthusiast, we can be there to help. We will send one of our staff horticulturists to your house for a 1.5 hour walk thru of your garden with you. Possible areas of focus:

  • Recommendations for new plantings and/or water-wise gardening
  • Lawn removal advice
  • Identification and care information for existing plants
  • Tips for maintenance of existing plants, troubleshooting growing conditions, water use etc.
  • Pruning advice
  • Pest and disease identification and treatment

We will follow up with a recap of the consultation including our recommendations, including any referrals needed for future work, along with your $50 McDonnell Nursery gift card. And at any time, you can meet with our horticulturist at the nursery to discuss your consultation and select plants for your garden.

$150 for 1.5 hours, includes a $50 McDonnell Nursery gift card

Additional time needed during initial consultation, or a scheduled follow-up visit is $75/hour.

On-site Planting

Trees or Shrubs:

  • 5 gallon $20
  • 7 gallon $30
  • 15 gallon $50
  • 24” box $100

Does not include soil/amendment and fertilizer
Applicable delivery charges.

Planting location MUST be determined before scheduled delivery/planting time.

Houseplant Consultations!

If you are intimated by the care of houseplants, we are here to help. We will send one of our staff horticulturists to your house for a half-hour assessment.

imagesPossible areas of focus  What style of house plant would look best.

  • Light measuring for most appropriate houseplant. 
    Watering advice.
    Problem-solving current issues. 
  • $50 for 1 half hour & Call now for an appointment.